17 May 2015


Red Russian Kale
Brassica napus
Description: Beautiful, blue-green heirloom kale that is hardy, tender, mild, and sweet compared to other cultivars. Good for salads and light cooking, after the stems are removed, a quick, easy process. A variety approved by botanist friend Elsa who, at a young age, enjoyed taste-testing her way through Peter's garden patch of greens. 

Stamppot is a traditional Dutch recipe, a substantial combination of well-mashed potatoes, lots of kale and hearty smoked sausage. When kale is served in Dutch homes, a small bowl or pitcher of vinegar is passed to dribble on the top. 


After enhancing the plot with aged compost, plant seeds 1/4" to 1/2" deep in well-drained, light soil. After 2 weeks, thin to 8"-12" apart. Cool weather crop that can tolerate temperature as low as 20 degrees F; actually the flavor is enhanced by fall frost. 
In hot area regions this can be planted in late summer for harvest in fall/winter. Side dress with aged compost every month or so, as kale is a strong grower.

Botanical Name: Brassica napus.

Native: Siberia. Brought to Canada by Russian traders around 1885. Grown on Shaw for several years.

Type: Biennial.

It takes 2 years if you'd like to save your own seed. 

These seeds will be available this Spring 2017,
at the Gatehouse, Squaw Bay Road.

07 May 2015


A dear Hardy Plant Society member and celebrated gardener, speaking at a conference in Portland, OR, said: "We have to garden with books and periodicals as well as in the dirt." Remembering Faith MacKaness.

Spring flowers 
7 May 2015
Mideke porcelain pot, C.C. Gill's artwork.

❖ Read and Return ❖
These clean, up-to-date books,
some slipped into a new mylar bag
for protection from damp, written by
top level experts in the field of horticulture,
 on loan for reading on island.
Location: the Gatehouse cabinet, 

summer, fall season.

03 May 2015

🌿 A fragrant thank you 🌿

Species Rhododendron decorum blooming this day.
Non-native, but she grows over-my-head, 

emitting a fragrant thanks to
Anne and Sheila for the visit and kind note.
Anno three May 2015
Shaw Island, WA.