19 February 2016

🌿 Daffodil 'Van Sion' 🌿

"You search for beauty near & far
While winter holds you with its chills,
But soon spring's gates will stand ajar,
And in will march the daffodils!"
Grant E. Mitsch
Unenhanced photo anno nineteen February 2016
Shaw Island pioneer homestead.
A few purchased Narcissus 'Van Sion' bulbs were planted last fall on the south side of the Gatehouse garden area. Watch for them blooming this spring.
      There is one more post about this Narcissus growing on Shaw Island HERE

15 February 2016

Blue drops for February

Little blue droplets escorting us to Tulip time.
 Iris reticulata bulbs from the wonderful
Christianson's Nursery, Skagit Flats, WA.
Planted on Shaw Island, autumn 2015.
Hiding on the back side,
Cyclamen coum
this day of fifteen February 2016.
Coum bulbs from Hansen Nursery,
North Bend, OR.