31 October 2016


Shaw Island Sculpture
(Private collection)
 by the honorable Richard Beyer
Creator of Seattle's favorite public art
"Waiting for the Interurban."

Anno thirty-one October 2016
Happy Halloween from Shaw Island, WA.

18 October 2016

🌿 English Apple 🌿 BRAMLEY

Bramley Apple
Shaw Island, WA.
Anno eighteen October 2016.

"The best English apples by long training know how to 
behave in a pie; they melt but do not squelch; they inform
but do not predominate. The early apples, grateful as we
are for their re-appearance, are not true pie-makers.
We pardon these adolescents, who do the best they can,
but we pass on to the later autumn apples to find pie
manners at their best. And what should an apple do 
in a pie? Well I think it should preserve the individuality 
 and form, not go to a pale, mealy squash, but become
 soft and golden. In flavour it must be sharp or what's the
use of your Barbados sugar?"
Edward Bunyard. 

The Epicure's Companion, 1937
The first Bramley apple tree was grown from pips by a little girl in England, over two hundred years ago. For more history see this site.

08 October 2016

🌿 MADRONA SEEDS coming down 🌿

Madrona berries
(Arbutus menziesii)
Shaw Island seeds freshly gathered 
by mother of the groom, Corinne.  
💞 Congrats to Regis and Chrissy 💞
who decorated their day with the heart-warming 

fall colors of Indian corn, gourds and pumpkins. 

01 October 2016


"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
Montgomery. Anne of Green Gables. 

Medlars, rosehips & Asian Pears
Anno One October 2016,  

Shaw Island, WA.

For Michael, Jontay, Lily, Hanrah, Suzanne,
Erica, Greg, Thea, Bella, Jessica,  Harvey,
Mary, Mary, Annie, Mack, Tom & Rachel,

 Debbi, Luci, and all the writers of kind notes,
left at the Gatehouse on Squaw Bay Rd.
Thank you.