21 June 2017


These examples and many more new packets
of locally grown and harvested herb and
flower seeds are now installed for 2017.
Stop by the Gatehouse, Squaw Bay Road,
Shaw Island, WA.
What an easy to pack-home-souvenir or gifts
for your gardening friends who would like an
 organic treat from the San Juan Archipelago.

"Anyone can be a gardener. It's simply a matter of choice. On the day you find yourself fretting about the first frost or ruminating about Rhododendron color, the day you say to yourself, 'I'm a gardener'––you are one. You need no degrees or doctorates, no accumulations of blue ribbons at a prestigious Iris Society Competition, no title bestowed by an intimidating gardening society, no personnel official to declare, 'you're in,' nor any special knowledge of pH factors or compost heaps. What is essential is training your vision to see beyond what's already there; having enough strength to haul around a garden cart filled with fifty-pound bags; and money, because you can't start planting without any plants...Benson, Dianne. Dirt. The Lowdown on Growing a Garden with Style.

📖  Here is a customer review of the above-quoted O/P book by Benson, one review of 16 on Amazon, each rating the book with 5 stars.
"I don't even remember how I found out about this book. I bought a used copy on Amazon about a year ago and am today ordering another copy as mine is falling apart and dirty from being used outside. I couldn't garden without it in my Zone 7 shady garden with horrible clay soil. Along with the basics of gardening, it is a personal, opinionated account of creating a garden. I may not ever grow the exotic tropicals Ms. Benson loves (I am too lazy to dig them up for the winter) but there is so much information in this book on what to grow, how to do it and what to combine it with you are sure to find something you love. Be aware that there are no lush color photographs, just some black and whites and line drawings. Love it, Love it, Love it!"

01 June 2017


"Then I will raise aloft the milk-white rose
For whose sweet smell the air shall be perfumed."
William Shakespeare
Henry VI, Part 2, 1.1

ROSA banksiae 'alba'
Mideke hand-thrown porcelain pot
and Oyster drills from an island beach.
Shaw Island, WA.
Anno One June Two Thousand and Seventeen.