31 October 2015


"We had pumpkins in the morning and had pumpkins at noon. 
If it were not for pumpkins, we'd be undone soon."
Written by an American colonist in a 1693 diary.

Pumpkin grown by Diana
Shaw Island, 2015.

Jack-Be-Little pumpkins
Shaw Island,  2015.

Peter's cedar basket full of
Pumpkin Stars carved by Elsa.
Shaw Island, 2015.

17 October 2015

Botanical Color October 2015

Quince (Cydonia oblonga)
Grown on the former Clark farm, 
Shaw Island, WA.
Commonly enjoyed in colonial days,
quince were a symbol of love and happiness;
please see this great article in the
New York Times.
Quince & a hand-thrown Mideke pot
for Gwyneth.

Anno seventeen October two thousand and fifteen.

08 October 2015

🌿 Thank You Bouquet 🌿

Shaw Island fruit, 
Medlar & Aronia.
For the nice notes and customer 
support from the cyclists from Orcas Island 
and the herb lovers visiting under gray skies,
in appreciation.

Anno Eight October 2015.

01 October 2015


Wishing you a colorful harvest season.
Greeting card with seeds and one wood
cork from the "Flotsam and Jetsam" event
at the beautiful  Foss Waterway Museum
for Aho'i and Maggie.