23 November 2015

🌿 Shaw Island Grower of Fruit, Vegetables and TURKEYS 🌿 Marian Lutz

Happy Turkey Day
Vintage postcard dated 1914.
"Marian (1897-1981) and Herman Lutz were pretty much dependent on agriculture like everyone else. They raised almost everything they needed on their 250 acres and sold the excess to buy staples. They canned fruit and vegetables and meat for year round sustenance.
      Thanksgiving was a neighborhood affair. Marian called it a waste of time to have a holiday by yourself. Each family would bring a specialty to whichever house was large enough to accommodate them all.
Angel's restored wood cook stove;
former Lutz farm, Shaw Island.
Suspected to be Marian Lutz's
turkey cooker of many years ago.

Photo 2015,
 by Debbie Maxie, Coastal Mission©
      When Marian was raising turkeys, turkey was her specialty. That meant getting up at 5:30 AM to start the big bird in the wood cook stove, because dinner was at midday. There were no electric lights to brighten an evening feast or light the way home.
      After some years of farming on Shaw, Marian's husband left one day. She said that he had a lot of curiosity about other places, and she never saw him again. But she loved the island farm and stayed on and ran it with the help of her daughter and her neighbors. She said she would never have made it without good neighbors within a half a mile or so whom she could call on when she got into a jam."
      News clipping of unknown publisher and date; suspected to be the Friday Harbor Journal. From FHJ subscriber, historian, gardener, Shaw Island booster, Gwendolyn Yansen to this writer/1998.