Bill Munich (1942-2005)
 with observers
Leon Fonnesbeck
and his Dr. Frieda, 

Shaw Island, WA. 1984.
Bill Munich of Brown Well Drilling
on the job for Shaw Islanders, Inc.
Bill: "It's a cooker! It's a cooker!"
Three misty photos by C. Christensen
Some winter days on Shaw Island are more exciting than others. As I write this thirty-three years later I can easily recall Postmaster Mary Lou Clark ringing up from her office at the landing, "Cherie, Cherie, do you have a camera? Bill Munich has just driven down here exclaiming–– "It's a COOKER, it's a COOKER––we have to get a photo!" Mary Lou doesn't make unnecessary telephone calls so, of course, I jumped.
      It was 1984, when Shaw Islanders, Inc., hired the multi-talented Bill Munich of Brown Well Drilling to drill for water. He had drilled many successful private wells on Shaw Island and now there were hopes of one for the 100% member-funded Community Building. I don't remember how many feet he drilled, but Bill not only struck water but with great force out gushed an artesian. He was working alone that day so it was quite a challenge for him to cap.
      Also answering the alarm from the landing was the retired attorney, Leon Fonnesbeck, a longtime trustee of OPALCO, a volunteer who mowed the cemetery, the Shaw Park and the community "corner" with his big Gravely, and not least, planter of the large apple orchard at the present day Shaun Hansen place. Ironically, Leon gardened all his Shaw Island years with a scant supply of water from his own well. 
      It was water, water everywhere, so the building of a pump-house was next on the agenda and the gardeners could begin scheming about planting bulbs, shrubs, and trees to enhance the yard on the corner of Squaw Bay Road and Blind Bay Road. A garden with access to lots of water and lots of deer passing through. What an almost perfect start in the long campaign to erect a "town hall."

"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.Jacques Cousteau.

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